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SR Foredom Flexshaft + Pepetools Jump Ring Maker Combo

SR Foredom Flexshaft + Pepetools Jump Ring Maker Combo

K.8301 Kit

For the first time ever, Foredom has combined their popular SR Series Flexshaft motor, foot control, and handpiece with Pepetools popular Jump Ring Maker Kit. By buying these two essential tools together, you save more than $125.

Pepetools Jump Ring Maker

Produce jump rings quickly and easily with this time-saving device. Coil your wire around one of the included mandrels using the included hand-winder. Once the coil is formed, place it in the adjustable coil holder and saw through it using the included rotary saw, handpiece guide, and your flexible shaft machine. It's that easy! Included in this kit are 20 mandrels (2.5–12 mm) organized in a removable tray, a hand-winder, handpiece guide, rotary saw and arbor, coil holder, and a large aluminum tray to keep everything organized.

Foredom SR Series Flexshaft

The 1/6 HP ball bearing motor of the SR Series Flexhshaft has 33% more power than its predecessor - added power that minimizes stalling or slowing under load. Furnished with Foredom's FCT foot control, shaft/sheath, and no. 30 handpiece with chuck key. The direction of the motor can be reversed for symmetrical grinding and carving or to give left-handed users have more control. 110 volts, made in USA.

Foredom Motor Comparison Chart

Motor Series Features Horsepower Motor Type Max Speed Rotation
SR Series Foredom's most popular motor. Plenty of power and speed for most jobs. Motor can run in reverse. 1/6 HP* Universal 18,000
Forward & Reverse
TX Series
More power/torque under load. Good for demanding work like grinding and material removal. 1/3 HP* Permanent Magnet 15,000
Forward only
LX Series
Low speed, high torque motor best for stone setting, wax modeling, and hammer handpieces. 1/10 HP* Permanent Magnet 5,000
Forward only
Dedicated System with specialized handpiece for stone setting, engraving and texturing. 1/20 HP* Permanent Magnet 2,800
Forward only

*The horsepower of Foredom motors is rated at continuous duty or maximum efficiency under load, not maximum output. Other manufacturers list maximum output, which is not a realistic measure of horsepower during actual use. The maximum output of Foredom motors is higher than what is listed.

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400-130 SR Flexshaft + Jump Ring Maker Combo Flexshaft + Jump Ringer Maker Combo
410-052 Repl. 31.75 mm Saw Repl. saw (31.75 mm dia.)
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400-126 Optional 38 mm Saw Optional saw (38 mm dia.)
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