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When used with your compressed air source, the GraverSmith® is an easy-to-use system that offers basic work capability and pneumatic impact power for stone setting and engraving. It’s the ideal choice for engravers on a budget. Gravers or other carving tools are held in one of a variety of reciprocating impact handpieces (called Standard Handpieces and sold separately). The force of the impact is controlled by a foot pedal while the impact speed (400 to 8,000 strokes per minute) is governed by the front mounted dial adjustment on the control box. The engraved cuts and carved lines you make are identical to traditional hand techniques but are accomplished much more quickly and with far less effort.

Using a variety of tools, the impact handpieces also impart a hammering effect, so you can bezel and channel-set stones, inlay metal, repousse, and apply custom textures. Through its precision pressure regulator and gauge, the GraverSmith® provides the widest range of hammer power available: fine enough to set emeralds in gold safely and heavy enough to create deep textures in steel. All the while, your handpiece remains cool, because it is powered by air. All air inlet and outlet connections are through quick-disconnect fittings. Compatible with all GRS Standard Handpieces and every existing GraverMax or GraverMate handpiece. Two handpieces may be connected simultaneously and are engaged individually by the handpiece selector knob. Requires 1.4 CFM of compressed air at @45 PSI minimum (40 liters per minute at 3 bar minimum). Measures 5.75" x 10" x 9" high. 100-240 volts, 50 / 60 cycles. Cabinet has built-in storage ports for your handpieces. Furnished with foot control, hoses, and air filter. Handpieces sold separately (see related products below). Made in USA.

Note: the GraverSmith® requires dry, oil-free compressed air. Use with a compressor equipped with a coalescing filter that captures oil and moisture or add this type of filter to your existing compressed air line.