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700 Series - Black Organic Mold Rubber

700 Series - Black Organic Mold Rubber

The Contenti Company offers a range of organic mold compounds to suit every application of centrifugal rubber mold casting using tin and lead alloys.

Every organic rubber mold set consists of two 1/2" thick sections, and each section has 10 laminations. The term "durometer" used in the specification tables below refers to the relative hardness of a rubber compound when cured. The higher the durometer, the harder the rubber compound is. Variations in heat resistance from compound to compound are not significant.

An exclusive Contenti formulation produced in our own rubber manufacturing plant. A special releasing agent is applied to each ply to facilitate delamination. Characterized by extremely high flow during vulcanization resulting in the highest levels of reproducibility in the rendition of even the finest details in original patterns. Used in the production of jewelry and small to medium size parts.

Used when you have very few or only one master pattern. The pie mold is used to create additional production patterns. Each set consists of two 1/2" thick pieces. Manufactured from the same rubber compound as our 700 Series Organic Black rubber.

Organic Mold Rubber Discs
Rubber Series Applications Durometer Flexibility Tear
700 Series Jewelry and small to medium size parts. Extremely high flow during vulcanization and easy delamination. 60 Medium Med-High Med-High
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179-709 9" 1" 1 set
  • (10 or more) $12.27
  • (50 or more) $12.03
179-712 12" 1" 1 set
  • (10 or more) $22.70
  • (50 or more) $22.03
179-715 15" 1" 1 set
  • (5 or more) $41.71
  • (25 or more) $37.46
179-718 18" 1" 1 set
  • (5 or more) $55.83
  • (25 or more) $48.02