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Whaley Sliding Hammer

Whaley Sliding Hammer


This unusual hammer-like device was designed by metalsmith and instructor Jay Whaley to simplify the processes of riveting, stone setting, chasing, and repousse. To perform these tasks you usually need to hold a steel tool or punch with one hand and strike the punch precisely with a hammer in your other hand. With the Whaley Sliding Hammer, a punch is retained within the head of the hammer, sliding up and down, keeping the punch and head aligned at all times. You no longer have to worry about hitting your chasing tools or setting punches off-center or missing them entirely. Just position the punch where you want it, and slide the head down. The weighted head pivots on the handle and the punches can be rotated within the head, making it easy to work at any angle.

The Whaley Sliding Hammer includes three stainless steel punches: two flat-faced round punches (2.75 & 3.75 mm dia.); and a third round punch with a rectangular end measuring 5.25 x 1.5 mm. The hammer head is made from stainless steel with a knurled retaining screw to make switching punches easy. The ergonomic rosewood handle is nicely finished. Overall length is 11-1/4". Made in Pakistan.

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