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Basic Jewelry Soldering Kit

Basic Jewelry Soldering Kit

With Butane Torch

A soldering tool set with only the most essential tools and supplies for jewelry soldering. Includes 13 items:

  • Tripod, 9" high, with Screen (110-529)
  • Butane Torch (114-808)
  • Sable Brush (130-075-4)
  • Electric Pickle Pot (350-103)
  • Third Hand with Tweezers (420-404)
  • Charcoal Soldering Block (420-411)
  • Soldering Pick (424-460)
  • Stainless Steel AA Tweezers (460-599)
  • Copper Tongs (470-278)
  • Cross Locking Tweezers (470-376)
  • Flux Dispenser Squeeze Bottle (510-641)
  • Prip's Soldering Flux, 8 oz. (510-824)
  • Sparex No. 2 Pickling Compound, 2-1/2 lbs. (510-871)

In buying this kit, you will realize a 15% savings in the cost of these items when purchased individually. Solder is not included (see related products below).

Due to the continued unavailability of the Prip's liquid flux, we are temporarily substituting 8 oz. of self-pickling flux.

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