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Compact Economy Rolling Mill with 2 Extra Rolls


Compact Economy Rolling Mill with 2 Extra Rolls

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Designed to meet most of the needs of jewelers and metalsmiths, the versatile Compact Economy Rolling Mill is surprisingly affordable. This model includes two sets of 43 mm dia., hardened steel rolls, both 76 mm wide. The installed set of rolls is flat while the additional set is grooved for forming wire. The mill also features 4:1 gear reduction. Gears are covered, in conformance with OSHA regulations. Two holes are provided in the base of the mill for bolting to your workbench. Shipping weight: 61 lbs. Optional Design and Pattern Rolls are also available (see related products below). Includes a 1 year warranty. Made in India.

  • Gear Ratio 4:1
  • Roll Diameter 43 mm
  • Roll Width 76 mm
  • Maximum thickness 2.5 mm
  • Wire Rolls Grooves from 0.77 mm to 4.3 mm wide
  • Dimensions 8.5" x 8.5" x 12" high (without handle)
  • Shipping Wt 61 lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: Round wire cannot be formed on a rolling mill. The 2 wire rolls included with this rolling mill will form wire that is roughly square in profile with 4 cut corners. This wire is then drawn through a drawplate to form round wire.