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Ring Stretcher, Reducer & Bender

Ring Stretcher, Reducer & Bender

For reducing and enlarging wedding bands and for bending flat metal stock into circular forms. Rings are enlarged on the 4-segment, unmarked, conical mandrel as the lever is pulled forward. Reductions are accomplished by placing the wedding band into one of the circular depressions (12 in all) in one of the 2 reducing dies installed at the base of the machine. This is an economy model, and the reducing dies are not polished and may impart scratches to you work. The primary uses for this machine are bending shanks and enlarging rings. The bending mandrel and flat die, both with 4 steps, are located at the left side of the machine. All these functions are performed by pulling the one lever. Note: the conical mandrel is not graduated. Limited quantities. Made in India.

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