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Torch Tank Cylinder Sizes

Fuel gas and oxygen tanks for jewelry and casting torches come is several sizes, each with its own size designation. Some tanks also have different connections for regulators as well. Use this chart to learn the differences. Download a pdf of Torch Tank Cylinder Sizes.

Torch Tank Cylinder Sizes


  • 300 ml


  • 16 oz.
    1"-20 thread


  • 14.1 oz.
    1"-20 thread
  • 5 lb.
    CGA 510 tank fitting


  • MC Tank (10 cu. ft.)
    CGA 200 tank fitting
  • B Tank (40 cu. ft.)
    CGA 520 tank fitting


  • M tank (40 cu. ft.)
    CGA 540 tank fitting
  • R Tank (20 cu. ft.)
    CGA 540 tank fitting
  • 16 oz.
    1"-20 thread