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Wire Twisting Pliers

Wire Twisting Pliers

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An ingenious tool that uniformly twists wire up to .060" dia. Here's how it works:

  1. Take a length of wire and fold it in the middle. Grasp the 2 loose ends in the jaws of the pliers ( for relatively thicker wires, you may need to flatten the ends of the wire somewhat ). Press the handles of the pliers firmly and lock in place.
  2. Place the folded end of the wire in a bench vise or around a nail.
  3. Pull the chrome knob at the end of the pliers, which will cause the pliers to spin. Release the chrome knob and pull again for a tighter twist.
  4. Release the lock on the pliers and remove your twisted wire.

This tool also has a side cutter near the joint of the pliers. 10 1/2" long overall. This is the better quality, made-in-Taiwan version of this tool.