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Rhodium Plating Solutions

Rhodium Plating Solutions

Sulfate based solutions that produce an extremely bright plate. Non-precious metals should be pre-plated with nickel solution. Use at room temperature at 4 volts. Rhodium for plating is sold in two different forms, and it is essential to understand the differences in order to obtain optimal results. All solutions are guaranteed to contain the quantities of rhodium indicated in their descriptions below.

The market value of Rhodium fluctuates daily, therefore, we cannot post the prices on our website. Please contact us for current pricing and ordering information.

  • Rhodium Plating Solution contains 1 gram of rhodium concentrate and a bottle of distilled water. When combined, the resulting solution is used in rhodium bath plating.
  • Rhodium Replenisher contains 1/2 gram of rhodium. Added to an existing rhodium solution bath as the rhodium is depleted. Only Replenisher should be used for this purpose, for if you use Rhodium Concentrate to replenish the bath, the new mixture will contain excess sulfuric acid and will plate dark.

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350-910 Rhodium Plating Solution
350-905 Rhodium Replenisher