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No. 2 Conner Bead Setting Pliers

No. 2 Conner Bead Setting Pliers

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The #2 Plier is especially helpful to set or tighten side stones in a basket setting as well as other type mountings. One side of the plier has a slot for the wire under the stone and the other side has a beading tool cup on it. Also great for setting earrings! Simply slip the post through the slotted side and bring the beading tool down on the prong making this type of work much quicker and easier for jewelers.

The #2 Beading Tool Plier has the equivalent of a #20 beading tool tip. If you need a larger tip you can sand it down slightly and use a small ball bur to enlarge the size. If you need to make it smaller, just sand the outside of the tip slightly.

  • Perfect for setting and tightening accent diamonds surrounding color center stones.
  • Great for earrings, with or without under bezel wires.
  • Size of beading cup can be made smaller or larger.