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Bench Multi Grinder

Bench Multi Grinder

Bench Grinder, Polishing Motor, Flexshaft

The Multi Grinder is 3 motors in one: a bench grinder with wheel guards and eye shield, a polishing motor (buffs are made specially for this motor), and a flexshaft. The flexshaft consists of a no. 30 style handpiece with a Jacobs-style chuck that holds attachments up to 5/16" in diameter, and a 36" flexible shaft and sheath. The 1/8 HP motor has a speed range of 1,000 to 10,000 RPM. Can be bolted to your bench for greater stability. Furnished with handpiece with chuck key, flexible shaft, a stone wheel, and a compressed fiber satin wheel, both 3" dia. X 3/4" wide. Muslin, cotton, and felt buffs sold separately. Wrenches, chuck key, and replacement carbon brushes are included. Measures 10" wide x 5" deep x 6" high. 110 volts, 300 watts. Made in China.

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310-011 Multi Grinder Complete outfit as shown
236-971-01 No. 30-Style Handpiece No. 30-style handpiece (with chuck key)
310-011-09 Replacement carbon brushes (2) Replacement carbon brushes (2)
140-766 Cotton Flannel Buff for Multi Grinder Cotton flannel buff 3" x 28 ply
140-761 Muslin Buff for Multi Grinder Muslin buff (extra fine) 3" x 28 ply
140-780 Felt Buff for Multi Grinder Felt buff 3" x 1/2" thick
140-781 Repl. Stone Wheel for Multi Grinder Repl. Stone Wheel 3" dia.
140-782 Fiber Satin Finish Wheel Fiber Satin Finish Wheel 3" x 3/4"