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Muller HSS Bevel Gravers

Muller HSS Bevel Gravers

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E.C. Muller Bevel Gravers are made from high speed steel and pre-tempered for use on non-ferrous metals. They can be shaped to suit specific needs and must be sharpened before use. All gravers are 4 1/2" long. Widths are approximate. Made in USA.

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3 1. 2 mm (A)

Graver Basics

Unless otherwise noted, all gravers come pre-shaped with a ground cutting face. Gravers must be sharpened before use. Sharpening can be done manually with a stone or automated with a motorized hone.

Bevel Gravers feature straight sides that are either parallel or slightly tapered. The cutting edges form a V shape, which is similar to Square Gravers but more narrow. They're great for deep, bold cuts and block lettering.

High Speed Steel (HSS) gravers strike a balance between cost and durability. They maintain their hardness (temper) better than standard carbon steel and cost less than carbide.