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Muller Carbon Steel Oval Gravers

Muller Carbon Steel Oval Gravers

E.C. Muller Oval Gravers are made from high-grade carbon steel and pre-tempered for use on non-ferrous metals. They can be shaped to suit specific needs and must be sharpened before use. All gravers are 4-1/2" long. Widths are approximate. Made in USA.

The Basics

  • Oval Gravers have an oval-shaped face with a curved cutting edge. They're useful for shading curved surfaces, deep cutting, and for some styles of block lettering. They're also used for raising and rolling beads for stone setting.
  • Carbon Steel gravers are economically priced. They cut precisely when new, but don't retain their sharpness as long as other steel alloys.
Item No. Image No. Width Price Qty
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251-663 Oval Graver, carbon No. 3 3 1.4 mm (A)
251-664 Oval Graver, carbon No. 4 4 1.5 mm (A)

251-666 Oval Graver, carbon No. 6 6 2 mm (A)