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Muller Bent Lining Gravers

Muller Bent Lining Gravers

Carbon Steel

E.C. Muller Lining Gravers are made from high-grade carbon steel and pre-tempered for use on non-ferrous metals. They can be shaped to suit specific needs and must be sharpened before use. All gravers are 4-1/2" long. Made in USA. Also available in straight styles (see related products below).

The Basics

  • Unless otherwise noted, all gravers come pre-shaped with a ground cutting face. Gravers must be sharpened before use. Sharpening can be done manually with a stone or automated with a motorized hone.
  • Lining Gravers (Liners) feature a bottom edge that has fine grooves cut in it. The grooves create small parallel lines, perfect for background shading, cross-hatching, florentine textures, and block lettering.
  • To calculate the width of a Lining Graver, convert the graver number to thousandths of an inch and divide by 2, then multiply by the number of lines. A No. 18 with 10 lines would be: .018" ÷ 2 = .009", then .009" × 10 = .09" wide.
  • Carbon Steel gravers are economically priced. They cut precisely when new, but don't retain their sharpness as long as other steel alloys.
Item No. Image No. Size Width Price Qty
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251-064B Lining Graver, bent No. 6/4 lines No. 6 4 lines 0.012"
251-066B Lining Graver, bent No. 6/6 lines No. 6 6 lines 0.018"
251-068B Lining Graver, bent No. 6/8 lines No. 6 8 lines 0.024"
251-070B Lining Graver, bent No. 6/10 lines No. 6 10 lines 0.030"
251-084B Lining Graver, bent No. 8/4 lines No. 8 4 lines 0.016"
251-086B Lining Graver, bent No. 8/6 lines No. 8 6 lines 0.024"
251-146B Lining Graver, bent No. 14/6 lines No. 14 6 lines 0.042"
251-148B Lining Graver, bent No. 14/8 lines No. 14 8 lines 0.056"
251-150B Lining Graver, bent No. 14/10 lines No. 14 10 lines 0.070"
251-190B Lining Graver, bent No. 18/10 lines No. 18 10 lines 0.090"