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Paragon QuikFire Metal Clay & Enamel Kiln

Paragon QuikFire Metal Clay & Enamel Kiln

A great kiln for Metal Clay and enameling projects. Heats to 1000°F in only 5 minutes (maximum temperature is 2000°F). The QuikFire is a ceramic fiber shell with an embedded element. The shell rests on a ceramic fiber base with steel stand. The unit runs on 120 volts and needs no other heating source. At only 1560 watts, it uses less power than many hair driers. The QuickFire is equipped with a pyrometer, but no temperature control.

Note: Do not leave this kiln unattended when in use. Do not allow temperature to rise above 1950°F. Doing so can lead to over-firing, which will void the warranty.

The built-in pyrometer displays the temperature inside the kiln and indicates when to check on your Art Clay Silver or PMC piece. To see how your work is progressing, simply tilt the shell up a few inches.

  • 120 volts
  • 2000° max temp.
  • 6" x 6" x 6" chamber
  • not UL listed
  • 15 lb shipping weight

The Power Control Box uses an infinite control switch to slow the QuickFire Kiln. Slower firing is necessary for large, thick Art Clay pieces. Simplifies enameling and fusing decals to ceramics or glass.May be used for other kilns rated to 120 volts, 15 amps.

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160-885 Paragon QuikFire Kiln QuickFire Kiln
160-908 Control Box for Paragon QuikFire Kiln Optional Control Box