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Art Clay Silver in Syringes

Art Clay Silver in Syringes

New Formula

Art Clay Silver in Syringes can be used for repairing cracks, filling gaps, or attaching findings to your silver clay pieces. The most interesting use for this product is for producing filigree and other wire-like designs. It can be used the same way as soft metal wire and can even be braided. Sold in a 5 or 10 gram syringes without tips. Fire at 1200°F (650°C). Can be fired in one of our Paragon Kilns, (160-886 etc) with our Blazer Micro Torch (114-800) or on a gas stovetop. Do not fire with soldered pieces. After firing, this clay shrinks 8-9%.

Plastic syringe tips are sold separately in packages of three different diameters. Tips can be easily customized with a knife or scissors to make different extrusions. Each is color-coded for easy identification.

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090-268 Art Clay Silver in Syringes, 5 gram 5 gram syringe
090-269 Art Clay Silver in Syringes, 10 gram 10 gram syringe
090-070 Art Clay Syringe Tips Package of 3 tips