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Art Clay Silver 950

Art Clay Silver 950

High Strength

Art Clay Silver 950 derives its name from the fact that items made with it can be hallmarked as Sterling, and have a silver purity of .950 when complete. Art Clay Silver 950 Clay has the beauty and simplicity expected of the Art Clay Silver series, but also offers exceptional strength and durability, being 60% stronger than regular Art Clay. Its additional strength makes it an ideal medium for creating rings, clasps, hinges and other moving parts - even bangle or cuff bracelets. Soft and smooth, this slow-drying clay allows plenty of working time, and is easily reconditioned with water. Better still, the open-shelf firing is simple, and the clay needs no messy carbon: just place it on a regular kiln board or firing blanket. Pieces are easily finished by hand, and you get exactly the shine or patina you desire. Available in 2 sizes: 25 gram and 50 gram. Made in Japan.

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090-296 27.5 grams
090-297 55 grams