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Art Clay Silver 650 Low Fire Overlay Paste

Art Clay Silver 650 Low Fire Overlay Paste

Specially made for use on glass and high-fire glazed porcelain and ceramics. Unlike standard silver clay, this formula will form a permanent bond with the non-porous high temperature glazes used on most porcelain objects. It can be painted directly onto bisqued or glazed porcelain as well as glass. After drying, Overlay Paste can be removed in some areas with a Bamboo Stick to form a design, then fired, allowing the ceramic or glass to show through in some places. This technique is called sgrafitto.Overlay Paste may also be used in place of Oil Paste for use in repairs when firing items requiring lower firing temperatures.

Packaged in a 15 gram glass jar. Typical firing time is 30 minutes at 1200°F (650°C). Can be fired in one of our Paragon Kilns, with our Blazer Micro Torch or on a gas stovetop.

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