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Art Clay Goldie Snow Bronze™

Art Clay Goldie Snow Bronze™

Powder, 50 grams

Goldie Snow Bronze™ is a white kind of bronze whose particles are a bit larger (up to 75 micrometers) than other bronze clays. You may find it a bit grainy after mixing with water. White bronzes with over 18% of tin are fragile and easy to break. Snow Bronze is different. Despite a high tin content (21%), it is not easy to break thanks to large powder particles, which are very strongly connected to each other after burning. The material is smooth after firing, with no traces of particles. Goldie Snow Bronze™ is an environmentally friendly product. It contains approximately 79% copper and 21% tin. The binders are organic and non-toxic. To fire, lay your pieces in a stainless steel firing container on a layer of activated coconut shell carbon (see related products below) with a minimum depth 1cm (1/2") under the pieces. Make sure the pieces are at least 1cm (1/2") apart. Place the open container into a cold kiln and fire at full ramp to 670°F and hold for 30 minutes. Goldie Snow Bronze™ shrinks by about 16%-30% on firing, depending on the shape and the size of the piece, and the firing temperature. Dried clay can be ground up to a powder and reconstituted.

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