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Matt Wax Trimmer

Matt Wax Trimmer

Designed as an attachment to a handpiece and powered flexible shaft. The precise filing of shapes, flat and curved surfaces at different angles is one of the basic skills that the model maker develops through the years. This job, which is in itself time consuming and for some a nuisance, is nevertheless of primary importance since the precise rendition of a shape or structure depends on it. It is through the basic operation of cutting perfectly symmetrical shanks and of shaping and filing straight or curved surfaces that the Trimmer will prove its useful value. With a quick adjustment of the table, this tool is ready for milling, so you will be able to cut grooves and blind or open channels onto cylindrical or tapered shanks with remarkable precision and speed. Furnished with rotary file, ring template,3 different color waxes, detailed instruction book, and fitted case.

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