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Magnetic Wand Media Separator

New2024-04-11 00:00:00

Magnetic Wand Media Separator

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Raytech’s Magnetic Wand is the fast and easy way to separate ferrous metal parts from your deburring/polishing media. The 1” x 15” wand features a comfortable grip with a hanging hook, a moveable parts shield and a strong internal magnet. Simply insert the wand into your media, pull it out with parts attached, and then pull up on the knob to drop the parts off the wand. Made in China.

• Handle telescopes to adjust overall length from 17” to 25 ¼”
• 1”x15” wand reaches into the deepest tumbler bowls
• Strong internal magnet for a firm grip on your parts
• Fast and easy to use
• Handle includes storage hanging hook