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Magic Liquid Burnishing Compound

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Magic Liquid Burnishing Compound

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Magic Liquid Burnishing Compound, a metal finishing and burnishing compound, is mildly acidic for high-speed burnishing, tumbling, and applications using magnetic needles. Magic Liquid Burnishing Compound possesses unique detergent burnishing and descaling properties required for essential jewelry finishing and is designed for all metals. Used in conjunction with steel or porcelain burnishing media. Can also be used in magnetic finishers and disc finishers. Designed to produce a smooth lustrous surface finish. Provided in 1 gallon jugs. Made in USA.

  • Highly concentrated: Mix 2 to 3 ounces per gallon of water, shake well, then use.
  • Can be used for magnetic tumblers or vibratory finishers.
  • Excellent results on gold, silver, platinum, and other soft metals.