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Lindstrom Supreme Series Oblique Cutters

Lindstrom Supreme Series Oblique Cutters

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All the cutters and pliers in the Supreme Series have an exclusive nut and screw joint. Thanks to the specially designed flush head nut, Lindstrom's nut and screw joint strikes the perfect balance between the long term performance of the traditional screw joint and the perfect tip alignment of the box joint. All Lindstrom Supreme Series pliers are ESD safe. Equipped with leaf springs and high impact plastic handles. Choose between micro-bevel and flush cuts.

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Item # Capacity Cut Length Price Qty
1.25 mm copper Micro-Bevel 14 mm cut (108 mm overall)
  • $48.60 (3 or more)
  • $47.57 (6 or more)
1 mm copper Flush 10.5 mm cut (108 mm overall)
  • $52.11 (3 or more)
  • $51.03 (6 or more)

Product Details

  • Micro-Bevel Cut Designed by Lindstrom to leave the lead end of the cut wire with a smaller surface area and flatter profile than Semi-Flush Cutters. The outside of the wire is "pinched" by the cutter, leaving a much smaller bevel. This design also gives the cutter a greater cutting range.
  • Flush Cut Produces a cut profile similar to the Micro-Bevel, but with a less pronounced bevel and flatter surface. The edges of the cut wire are "pinched", leaving a very narrow, short bevel in the center.