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Lindstrom PS Platinum Series Micro-Bevel & Flush Cutters
  • Micro-Bevel Cut
    Micro-Bevel Cut

Lindstrom PS Platinum Series Micro-Bevel & Flush Cutters

No one understands cutting technology better than Lindstrom, so it shouldn't be surprising that Lindstrom has re-engineered their most popular 80 Series cutters to cut platinum and other hard metals more effectively. Simply stated, Lindstrom Platinum Series Cutters are the state-of-the-art in platinum cutting technology. Made in Spain.

  • Micro-Bevel Cut Designed by Lindstrom to leave the lead end of the cut wire with a smaller surface area and flatter profile than Semi-Flush Cutters. The outside of the wire is "pinched" by the cutter, leaving a much smaller bevel. This design also gives the cutter a greater cutting range.
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370-340 8140PS (small) 10 mm cut (110 mm overall) 1.25 mm copper Micro-Bevel

370-350 8150PS (medium) 12.5 mm cut (112.5 mm overall) 1.60 mm copper Micro-Bevel
370-360 8160PS (large) 16 mm cut (125 mm overall) 2.00 mm copper Micro-Bevel