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Large Duckbill Parallel Pliers

New2022-10-05 00:00:00

Large Duckbill Parallel Pliers

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For bending metal stock, holding flatstock during finishing, or for general work with larger jewelry pieces. Like all Duckbill pliers, jaws taper to their maximum width (22.7mm) at the tips. Somewhat larger than our standard Duckbill Parallel Pliers. This model also features stainless steel construction with 2 extension return springs. An added and important feature is the locking screw, which enables the user to maintain clamping pressure on the article being worked without hand pressure. This screw also serves to keep the jaws at a fixed distance apart. Made in Pakistan.

  • Overall Length 7.5" (191 mm)
  • Jaw Width 0.895" (22.7 mm)
  • aw Opening 0.315" (10 mm)

Pliers/Cutters Basics

Valor Parallel Pliers are top quality pliers manufactured exclusively for The Contenti Company and are an excellent value. The nickel plated compound-action handles are coupled to jaws that remain parallel throughout their range of mov