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Horizon LED2 Inspection Lamp

New2023-07-17 00:00:00

Horizon LED2 Inspection Lamp

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GEMORO HORIZON LED 2 offers the perfect lighting for inspection or grading of diamonds, the full range of gemstones, pearls, and jewelry. (see related products below) Using “Smart Technology” and enhanced LED lighting, it features 4 different user-adjustable color temperature settings for viewing and grading: True Diamond Color 5200K  Gemstones 2700K  Pearls 4000K  Jewelry Enhancement 6200K.

The versatile HORIZON LED 2 grading and inspection lamp has a modern, ergonomic design and may be placed on your counter for showing jewelry and stones under its super bright, high-power LED’s. It makes a great addition to any showroom, executive desk, or workbench. It even has 5 variable brightness settings and a USB power port for charging your smartphone and other devices. The ultimate lamp for all jewelry professionals. Made in China.

Product Details

  • 4 Pre-set variable color temperature setting modes
  • Color-coded control panel:
    • True Diamond Color 5200K  
    • Gemstones 2700K  
    • Pearls 4000K
    •  Jewelry Enhancement 6200K 
  • High-power, long-life LED’s with Smart Technology 
  • Electronic touch sensor power switch
  • 5 Variable brightness settings
  • 1.2 Amp USB power port for recharging smartphones and other devices 
  • Flex-arm and swivel provides fully adjustable light angles 
  • 100V-240V multi-voltage UL listed adapter (USA plug)