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  • Fretz Hammers

    Fretz Hammers

    Fretz Hammers are available in several series, including full-size and miniature raising, planishing, embossing, and chasing hammers.

  • Picard Hammers

    Picard Hammers

    German-made Picard hammers with Hickory handles. Planishing and Silversmithing hammers.

  • Economy Hammers

    Economy Hammers

    Lower-priced forming and planishing hammers for general use.

  • Chasing & Riveting

    Chasing & Riveting

    Chasing hammers with flexible handles, small riveting hammers, goldsmiths' and watchmakers' hammers.

  • Texturing Hammers

    Texturing Hammers

    Hammers with uniquely textured faces impart a variety of textures in your metal surfaces.

  • Brass, Plastic, Wood & Rawhide

    Brass, Plastic, Wood & Rawhide

    Nylon, Delrin and Brass mallets for hammering soft metal without damaging the surface.

  • Benchtop Hammers

    Benchtop Hammers

    Benchtop hammers For flattening malleable metals after rolling, cutting, shearing, or for removing dents or other imperfections.