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GRS Satellite Turntable Kit with Stand

GRS Satellite Turntable Kit with Stand

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The Satellite Turntable Kit includes the Satellite Tripod Stand and the Satellite Turntable (see related products below). The Satellite Turntable allows you easily to re-position your engraving vise while engraving, keeping the center of your work aligned with the center of rotation. When mounted to the Satellite Tripod Stand, your turntable becomes even more flexible, giving you access from all sides and providing height adjustment from 18" to 29", freeing you from the confines of a traditional workbench.

Centering your vise on the 10" diameter turntable is simple using the concentric circles etched into the top surface. To re-position the vise, simply slide it into position on the included Low-Friction PTFE Pad — no need to adjust the jaws of the vise. The 1.1" high turntable features high quality bearings for smooth, quiet operation and a sealed profile that keeps out dirt and metal chips for minimal maintenance. The included brake kit allows you to reduce the speed of rotation for intricate engraving or stone setting work.

The three-legged Satellite Stand provides excellent stability, especially when working on large engraving or stone setting projects. The center post contains a gas spring mechanism and quick release that make it easy to adjust the height. Shipping weight 53 lbs. Made in USA.