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GRS Inside Ring Holder Set

GRS Inside Ring Holder Set

with 2 Sets of 10 Mandrels

The GRS Inside (I.D.) Ring Holder is installed in a bench vise or between the jaws of your engraving block. The ring holding system consists of a steel, L-shaped holder body and an array of 20 expanding plastic mandrels in 10 diameters (13.5 to 22.5 mm). A ring mounted on an expanding mandrel may be rotated while setting stones or engraving, or it may be locked in position without rotation. One set of standard cones and one set of locking cones are included. Furnished with additional accessories and instructions. Made in USA.

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210-215 GRS ID Ring Holder Inside (I.D.) Ring Holder
210-215-06 Replacement Mandrels for GRS ID Ring Holder Replacement mandrels (10)