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Grobet Inox Hand Files, for Platinum & Stainless Steel

Grobet Inox Hand Files, for Platinum & Stainless Steel

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Grobet Hand Files are similar in profile to equalling files, with four parallel sides. But unlike equalling files, hand files have a slightly tapered thickness and are cut on only three sides, leaving one safe edge. The top and bottom surfaces are double cut, while the side is single cut. These files are extremely versatile and have a wide variety of uses for jewelers and metalsmiths.

Overall length 7-3/4” (197 mm) with a cut length of 5-1/2” (141 mm). Made in Italy.
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Grobet Inox Files are the hardest files in the world. Heat treated and hardened to Rockwell 72 to provide superior performance on hard-to-file surfaces. Their durability makes them resistant to clogging; a simple tap is enough to remove chips. All file tangs are colored in yellow to distinguish them from your other files. Cut 00 is the coarsest, cut 6 is the finest.