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Grobet Inox Half Round Files

Grobet Inox Half Round Files

for Platinum & Stainless Steel

Grobet Inox Files are the hardest files in the world. Heat treated and hardened to Rockwell 72 to provide superior performance on hard-to-file surfaces. Their durability makes them resistant to clogging; a simple tap is enough to remove chips. All file tangs are colored in yellow to distinguish them from your other files. Cut 00 is the coarsest, cut 6 is the finest.

Grobet Half Round Files have one curved and one flat surface. Half round files are well-suited for many applications, including removing material from the inside and outside of curved surfaces. These files are tapered in width and thickness and come to a point, allowing them to get into tight areas.

Item No. Length Width Thickness Cut Price Qty
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230-606-1/0 6" overall 5/8" (16.0 mm) 11/64" (4.5 mm)
230-606-2 6" overall 5/8" (16.0 mm) 11/64" (4.5 mm) 2