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Grobet Crossing Files

Grobet Crossing Files

Grobet Swiss Pattern Precision Files are produced with the finest heat tempered chrome alloy steel to the highest standards of accuracy, performance, and service life. We stock a complete line of Grobet files in the styles most commonly used by jewelers and silversmiths. Cut 00 is the coarsest, cut 6 is the finest.

Grobet Crossing Files are similar in profile to a half-round file, but with two curved surfaces instead of one. One curve has a larger radius than the other. Both surfaces are double-cut. These files are used primarily for filing interior curved surfaces and compound curves.

Item No. Width Thickness Cut Cut Length Price Qty
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230-136-1/0 9/32" (7.1 mm) 5/32" (4.0 mm) 6"
  • (12 or more) $28.71
230-136-2 9/32" (7.1 mm) 5/32" (4.0 mm) 2 6"
  • (12 or more) $29.21