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Froggie Board Modeling Slices

Froggie Board Modeling Slices

Froggie Board is a high density, rigid urethane modeling material that can be carved and machined like traditional model-making wax, but unlike wax, it can withstand temperatures up to 325°F. That means you can go directly from model to mold, without the need for intermediate steps. Simply place your finished model in your mold frame with silicone, organic, natural, or black rubber and vulcanize as you normally would (NOTE: recommended mold temperature is 300°F or lower. Urethane mold compounds are not recommended). Froggie Board has a tight grain structure, allowing you to achieve a very smooth surface finish with less airborne dust. The unique green color makes model details highly visible. The material is moisture and solvent resistant and can be painted. Froggie Board Slices measure 3" x 5" and are available in 5 thicknesses. Made in USA.

Item No. Thickness Price Qty
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179-075-04 4 mm
  • (6 or more) $7.48
179-075-06 6 mm
  • (6 or more) $8.65

179-075-08 8 mm
  • (6 or more) $9.83
179-075-10 10 mm
  • (6 or more) $10.93
179-075-12 12 mm
  • (6 or more) $13.11