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Fretz Silversmithing Large Embossing Hammer

Fretz Silversmithing Large Embossing Hammer


Bill Fretz has taken the design and execution of traditional silversmith's hammers to a higher level with his line of full-size Silversmith's Hammers. Each of these exquisite tools has a 420 stainless steel head hardened to 50Rc and polished to a mirror-bright finish. 250 mm (9.8") long handles are meticulously fashioned from rosewood and shaped to provide perfect balance and control.

The Fretz Silversmithing Large Embossing Hammer is used to dome metal by hammering the inside of a piece as the metal is supported by a sand bag or a depression carved into wood. Doming a piece of metal before raising permits greater control, because the shape becomes rigid. Also used to create elevated areas by striking the metal from behind, similar to repousse.

  • Head Weight: 199 grams
  • Head Length: 102 mm
  • Face Size: 19 mm dia., ball
  • Face Size: 14 mm dia., ball
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