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Fretz RF-Series Large Repoussé Fluting Set


Fretz RF-Series Large Repoussé Fluting Set

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For creating wider, more profound flutes in hollowware and larger jewelry pieces. All of the tools in the set have radiused ends, three of which are curved and three of which are straight. The rounded tools are designed to create curved flutes while the straight ones are more suited to straight flutes. Tools have spiral ends to provide a firm grip and are made from 7 mm square hardened steel stock. Overall length of each tool is 111 mm approximately (4.175").

  • RF-101 17 x 3 mm, curved & rounded
  • RF-102 17 x 4.5 mm, curved & rounded
  • RF-103 17 x 6 mm, curved & rounded
  • RF-104 17 x 3 mm, straight & rounded
  • RF-105 17 x 4.5 mm, straight & rounded
  • RF-106 17 x 6 mm, straight & rounded