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Fretz PL-Series Planishing Repoussé Set
  • PL-1 to 5 (upper row), 6-9 (lower row)
    PL-1 to 5 (upper row), 6-9 (lower row)

Fretz PL-Series Planishing Repoussé Set

Set of 9 (PL-1 to PL-9)

Planishers are used to smooth the metal by overlapping the strikes. The ends of the tools vary greatly in shape and size to create and broad variety finishes. The flat ends will make for a smoother domed finish while the domed ends will leave a pebble finish. The domed planishers are used to finished concave shapes. Tools have spiral ends to provide a firm grip and are made from 5 mm square hardened steel stock. Overall length of each tool is 106 mm (4.175").

  • PL-1 6 mm square, flat
  • PL-2 4 mm square, flat
  • PL-3 2 mm square, flat
  • PL-4 6 mm square w/ semi-circle, domed
  • PL-5 4 mm square w/ semi-circle, flat
  • PL-6 2 mm square w/ semi-circle, domed
  • PL-7 5 mm triangle, flat
  • PL-8 5 x 3.5 mm rounded triangle, flat
  • PL-9 5 x 2 mm rectangle, flat
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