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Fretz M-Series Convex Cuff Stakes

Fretz M-Series Convex Cuff Stakes

Fretz M-100 Series Stakes are cast in high quality stainless steel which has been hardened and polished to a mirror finish. The stakes in this series can be used to fabricate a wide variety of forms for jewelry and metalsmithing projects. Made in Vietnam. All stakes have 8 mm tapered square shanks that fit the H-1, H1-L, and VH-1 Stake Holders, which are sold separately (see related products below).

For doming metal for cuff bracelets, Fretz Convex Cuff Stakes offer four different size profiles to choose from. The widest, M-111, can be used with stock up to 1-1/2" wide, to create tubular shapes 2" wide or larger. The M-112 and M-113 stakes have the same length as the M-111 but are narrower, for forming tighter curves or smaller tubes. The narrowest stake in this group, M-114, can also be used to roll the edges of small holloware pieces or other jewelry items.

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102-511 Fretz Wide Convex Cuff Stake Wide convex Fretz M-111 36 x 40 mm
102-512 Fretz Standard Convex Cuff Stake Standard convex Fretz M-112 30 x 36 mm
102-513 Fretz Narrow Convex Cuff Stake Narrow convex Fretz M-113 20 x 36 mm

102-514 Fretz Extra Narrow Convex Cuff Stake Extra narrow convex Fretz M-114 10 x 36 mm