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Fretz Jewelers' Large Embossing Hammer

Fretz Jewelers' Large Embossing Hammer


Fretz Mid-Size Jewelers' Hammers are scaled-down versions of traditional silversmithing hammers, for use on smaller projects such as jewelry making. Each tool has a 420 stainless steel head hardened to 50Rc and polished to a mirror-bright finish. The 220 mm (8.66") long rosewood handles are shaped to provide perfect balance and control.

The Fretz Large Embossing Hammer can dome metal from the inside as well as texture metal surfaces from the outside. The domed faces impart a dimpled mark.

  • Head Weight: 70 grams
  • Head Length: 74 mm
  • Handle Length: 220 mm (8.66")
  • Face Size: 15 mm dia., domed
  • Face Size: 12 mm dia., domed
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