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Fretz HMR-4 Jewelers' Large Embossing Hammer

Fretz HMR-4 Jewelers' Large Embossing Hammer

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The Fretz HMR-4 Large Embossing Hammer can dome metal from the inside as well as texture metal surfaces from the outside. The domed faces impart a dimpled mark.

  • Head Weight 70 grams
  • Head Length 74 mm
  • Handle Length 220 mm (8.66")
  • Face Size 15 mm dia., domed
  • Face Size 12 mm dia., domed

Hammer Basics

Fretz Mid-Size Hammers are scaled-down versions of traditional silversmithing hammers and available in many of the same styles. Average head length is 75 mm. The classic shapes are great for planishing, embossing, raising, and