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Fretz HMR-304 Embossing Hammer

New2019-01-28 00:00:00

Fretz HMR-304 Embossing Hammer

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The HMR-304 has a short heavy head that is easy to control while working on shallow concave shapes. The faces are rounded crosspeins. The weight of the hammer makes the process of hammering heavy gauge metal easier because the weight of the hammer does the work rather than having to apply greater arm force with a lighter hammer. The HMR-304 also imparts a bold texture to fold-formed shapes. Overall length 11". Shipping weight 1.2 lbs.

  • Head Weight 425 grams
  • Head Length 128 mm
  • Face Size 30 x 20 mm
  • Face Size 30 x 15 mm

Hammer Basics

Fretz 300 Series Hammers are full-size, high-quality hammers with an average head length of 144 mm. The heavy weight heads are great for stretching and forming thick metal. They feature 420 stainless steel heads hardened to 50