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Freeman Sol-U-Carv Wax

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Freeman Sol-U-Carv Wax

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1 lb.
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Freeman Sol-U-Carv Wax is a carvable, water soluble wax specifically formulated for the lost wax casting process. This wax is ideal for making any configuration where a hollow area in the finished pattern is desired.

  • Easily carved with conventional carving tools
  • Melted over a low flame or in a wax pot. Melting temperature: 165° - 170° F.
  • Gravity poured into a mold
  • Easily dissolved by water immersion or more rapidly by immersing in a 5-10% muriatic acid solution.

Sol-U-Carv Wax can be used as a core in rubber and metals molds and pattern wax injected around it. Yellow in color and made in USA.