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Fretz Micro-Miniature Mandrel Set

Fretz Micro-Miniature Mandrel Set

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Each of the four Micro-Miniature Mandrels in this set has a 5 mm section in the middle of its length for mounting horizontally in the H-2 Micro-Miniature Tool Holder (see related products below).

  • AT-1 tapered 2-4 & 3-5 mm dia (double-ended)
  • AT-2 tapered 3-4 & 4-5 mm dia (double-ended)
  • AT-3 straight 4 & 5 mm dia (double-ended)
  • AT-5 straight 5 mm dia

Note: Fretz Micro-Miniature stakes and mandrels cannot be mounted directly in the H-1 Stake Holder. They must first be mounted in the H-2 Tool Holder.