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Fretz M-Series Spoon Stakes

Fretz M-Series Spoon Stakes

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For creating spoon bowls, nothing beats Fretz Spoon Stakes. These specialty stakes are available in three sizes, for forming and planishing bowls for serving spoons (M-119), table spoons (M-120), and baby spoons (M-121). They are also well-suited for doming jewelry elements such as teardrop pendants and earrings.

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Item # Dimensions No. Style Price Qty
35 x 52 mm Fretz M-119 Large
25 x 34 mm Fretz M-120 Medium
Out of Stock
16 x 25 mm Fretz M-121 Small

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Fretz M-100 Series Stakes are cast in high quality stainless steel which has been hardened and polished to a mirror finish. The stakes in this series can be used to fabricate a wide variety of forms for jewelry and metalsmithing projects. Made in Vietnam. All stakes have 8 mm tapered square shanks that fit the H-1, H1-L, and VH-1 Stake Holders, which are sold separately (see related products below).