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Fretz HMR-305 Large Raising Hammer

New2019-01-28 00:00:00

Fretz HMR-305 Large Raising Hammer

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A broad faced raising hammer that moves metal quickly when a broad metal piece is hammered from the outside. The metal is compressed down to the stake and is left in a relatively smooth condition as compared to bowls or hollowware that raised with a narrow crosspein. The HMR-305 is often used for angle raising with a Raising Stake. Overall length 11". Shipping weight 1 lb.

  • Head Weight 400 grams
  • Head Length 112 mm
  • Face Size 29 x 19 mm
  • Face Size 29 x 15 mm

Hammer Basics

Fretz 300 Series Hammers are full-size, high-quality hammers with an average head length of 144 mm. The heavy weight heads are great for stretching and forming thick metal. They feature 420 stainless steel heads hardened to 50