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Foredom Replacement Parts

Foredom Replacement Parts

For use with Foredom flexshaft motors and handpieces.

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236-472 Chuck Key Repl. chuck key
236-476 Replacement Duplex Spring Repl. duplex spring
236-476-01 Foredom Duplex Spring Cover Duplex Spring Cover
236-392 Motor Connector for Foredom Flexshafts Repl. Motor Connector
236-484 Motor Brushes, for 1/6hp SR Flexshaft Carbon motor brushes (pair) SR (1/6 HP only) motors
236-485 Motor Brushes for CC,DD,MM & Rotamax motors Carbon motor brushes (pair) CC, DD, MM, & Rotamax motors (115V only)
  • (6 or more) $4.88
236-486 Motor Brushes for R,EE Flexshafts Carbon motor brushes (pair) R, EE, GG, & CC (230V) motors
  • (6 or more) $9.90

236-487 Motor Brushes for S, H, & K motors Carbon motor brushes (pair) S, H, & K motors
236-488 Motor Brushes for TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L, PGX & PG motors Carbon motor brushes (pair) TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L, PGX & PG motors
236-800 Flexshaft Sheath for CC,S,R Flexshafts Spring Sheath TX, SR, LX, L, CC, R, S motors
236-801 Flexshaft Sheath for EE Flexshaft Spring Sheath EE, GG, and MMG geared motors
236-803 Flexshaft Sheath for F Flexshaft Spring Sheath F motors
236-810 Spring Shaft for CC,S,R, & PGX Flexshafts Spring shaft TX, SR, LX, L, CC, R, S, & PGX motors
236-811 Spring Shaft for EE Flexshaft Spring shaft EE, GG, and MMG geared motors
236-813 Spring Shaft for F Flexshaft Spring shaft F motors
236-390 Rocker Switch for CC/S/EE Flexshaft Rocker Switch CC, S & EE motors
236-398 Handpiece Catch Spring for Foredom Flexshafts Catch spring
236-399 Handpiece Catch Ball for Foredom Flexshafts Catch ball
236-389 Motor Brush Cover for CC Flexshaft Motor brush cap older 1/8 hp SR, S, CC, TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L, PGX (Foredom no. MP120)