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Ergo Round Nose Pliers

Ergo Round Nose Pliers

Orange Handles

Valor Ergo Series Pliers are unique and innovative, designed to provide maximum control and comfort. Because the undulating handles conform to your fingers, you can always maintain a firm grip on the tool without fatigue. Fashioned from stainless steel to prevent rust and constructed with box joints that eliminate side-play and maintain alignment of jaws, even under stress. Handles are equipped with double leaf springs and are covered in textured rubber cushion grips for added comfort and control. Grips are color-coded to make tool identification quick and easy. We know you'll be as impressed as we are with these finely crafted pliers. All are 5-3/4" long and consist of six styles.

The smooth jaws of these round nose pliers taper to 3/64" (1.3 mm) at the tips. For making loops, bends, coils, and similar jeweler's operations.

  • Overall Length 5-3/4"
  • Length of Jaws 29/32" (23.2 mm)
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