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GRS Apex Speedline Dial Kit

GRS Apex Speedline Dial Kit

for Apex QC Sharpening Fixture

Swap the standard Dual Angle Dial of the Apex QC Sharpening Fixture with one of these color-coded Speedline Dials for the quickest, most accurate graver sharpening you've ever experienced. Each dial is clearly marked with the exact angles needed to shape, heel, and sharpen your 90°, 105°, and 120° gravers. The text that appears alongside each angle marking makes it easy for beginners to learn how to make custom gravers and for experienced engravers to speed up their sharpening process considerably. Includes storage rack that fits all three Speedline Dials as well as the standard Dual Angle Dial included with the Apex QC Sharpening Fixture—available separately (see related products below).

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