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GRS Slide + Lock Original Mounting System

GRS Slide + Lock Original Mounting System

Adjustable Height

The Original GRS Slide + Lock allows you to attach up to two GRS fixtures (Bench Pin, Benchmate, Engraving Vise Shelf, etc.) to your bench top at the same time. Using two fixed mounting plates (included) secured to a sliding plate, the Slide + Lock allows you to adjust the height of your fixtures with the flick of a lever. The brass lever at the top of the Slide + Lock requires no tools and minimal effort to loosen and tighten, locking your fixtures at the perfect height for whatever task you're performing. With 8" of travel, you can even position your work above your bench top surface. Great for engraving or stone-setting work under a microscope.

The Original Slide + Lock mounts to the edge of your bench top using a GRS Fixed Mounting Plate, sold separately (see related products below). The two Mounting Plates included with the Slide + Lock can be fastened to any one of three positions on the front of the slide and can accommodate any GRS fixture that uses the standard Fixed Mounting Plate. Made in USA.

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