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Electric Metal Melting Furnaces

Electric Metal Melting Furnaces

Digital Displays

For casting, reclaiming, alloying, and refining gold, silver and other metals with similar or lesser melting temperatures. Equipped with electronic temperature controls with digital displays, these melters can reach a maximum temperature of 2010° F (1100° C). The temperature controls are designed to prevent overshoot and to protect the heating element from overheating. Each furnace is provided with a graphite crucible and crucible tongs for pouring. Available in three sizes, in both 110V and 220V models. Capacities listed are for gold. Made in Italy.

Note: 220 volt units are provided with electrical cords but without plugs.

Item No. Image Description Capacity Electrical Price Qty
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170-845 Electric Melting Furnace, 35 oz. 110v Furnace 35 oz. 110V, 8A
170-845-220 Electric Melting Furnace, 35 oz. 220v Furnace 35 oz. 220V, 4A
170-847 Electric Melting Furnace, 70 oz. 110v Furnace 70 oz. 110V, 12A
170-847-220 Electric Melting Furnace, 70 oz. 220v Furnace 70 oz. 220V, 6A
170-849 Electric Melting Furnace, 100 oz. 110v Furnace 100 oz. 110V, 15.5A
170-849-220 Electric Melting Furnace, 100 oz. 220v Furnace 100 oz. 220V, 8A
170-770-1 Electric Melter Crucible 35 oz capacity Replacement Crucible 35 oz.
  • (3 or more) $34.87
170-737-01 Electric Melter Crucible 70 oz capacity Replacement Crucible 70 oz.
  • (3 or more) $34.45
170-749-01 Electric Melter Crucible 100 oz capacity Replacement Crucible 100 oz.
  • (3 or more) $46.46
170-821 Crucible tongs for Electric Furnace Replacement crucible tongs