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E-101 Miniature Stake Holder Extender

E-101 Miniature Stake Holder Extender

The E-101 Extender is designed primarily for use with the Fretz Miniature Mushroom and Collar Forming Stakes. At approximately 80 mm in length, the Extender allows stakes to reach deep into hollow forms, such as vases, for forming and planishing. It also comes in handy when doming large curved shapes. To easily remove stakes from the E-101, use the E-100 Extractor Wedge. Simply drive the Wedge into the oval hole in the Extender and the tapered shape will force the stake out. The 8 mm square hole will accommodate any Fretz miniature stake with an 8 mm square tapered shank.

Note: The shank of the E-101 is 17 mm square tapered and fits either the H-101 or VH-101 Stake Holder. This holder cannot be mounted directly to your work surface or in a vise.

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102-395 E-101 Stake Holder Extender Stake Holder Extender Fretz E-101 $74.95
102-396 E-100 Extractor Wedge Extractor Wedge Fretz E-100 $28.95